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Shared Machine Touch Panel

Shared Machine Touch Panel Application

Shared Machine Touch Panel is a new Windows based application used for production management of one or more machines directly on the shop floor.

  • The main goal of this new application is to have on-line overview of the production process with many other functionalities according to factory needs.

  • The Touch Panel is the last step for a complete paperless production process.

  • The main users are machine operators, setters, quality inspectors, maintenance and tool technicians.

  • The main screen of the Shared Machine Touch Panel shows a list of machines assigned to this Touch Panel with some basic overview machine information:

    Example in customer's factory:


    Configuration of the Shared Machine Touch Panel.

    By local IMES Administrators

    Configuration of the Shared Machine Touch Panel can be done by local IMES Administrators, e.g. machines assignment for each Touch Panel, what functionalities to use etc.

    Machine detail

    Machine detail information can be seen by selecting one machine.

    The screen is split into two parts:

    Header with some general work order information and

    Tab pages with specific functionalities:

    • Scrap
    • Events
    • Work watcher
    • Work orders
    • PLC Signals
    • Related documents
    • Work checklist
    • Production release
    • Layered Audits