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Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects is our third Android application. This application is used to for quality module. Application is easy to control, main function of this application is created new cards of defect find out why & how it was created. This application is connected with quality module in your Windows PC.

New manufacturing defect

Products & Defect detection

  • In Products window we are chosen product where is defect.
  • Defect detection is window where are four questions about defect:

    How has been detected defect?

    Where was detected the defect?

    Who was detected the defect?

    When was detected the defect?

Team & Ishikawa & Take photos

  • In Team section we are used to enter team members.
  • Ishikawa here is enough space to write three times detail of workplace, person, process, material, machine or tool and detail about method.
  • We can take three photos of defect and in quality module we can edit this photos like in Windows paint.

New manufactured defect

5x Why & Immediate measures and Corrective measures

  • 5x Why in this section we are able to create result line and into this line we write 5x reasonwhy defect was created.
  • Immediate measures and Corrective measures assign responsible person and status in % also we can add note or short description.

General information

  • Assign workplace.
  • Assign tool.
  • Choose shift (morning shift, night shift etc..).
  • Assign Team.
  • Note for Card Defect.

Influence on & Stocks status & Action plan and Mailing service

  • Influence on - if defect has Influence on safety, quality, OEE and maintenance . Write it down. Also we are able to write any comment about influence.
  • Stocks statust is for register where are bad pieces and good pieces from the defect. We also can write any note for each stock.
  • All defects are going to be in action plan in quality module and Responsible people receive email about new action plan and information about it.

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