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Quality module

Our Quality is built easily as possible. We always try do things easy, useful and clear. Very basic process of our Quality module is described in next few sentences. Of course in quality module you can find countless number of functions which make your work easy. First, Quality manager receives a complaint of a particular product from the customer via email or telephone. Then he/she registers complaint into our Quality module with the costs (order price). Finally, quality manager is able to make action plan which creates a task for specific person in whole factory (for example: engineer). These few steps are enough to operate with our quality module.

Register of Complaints

In this window we can find all of complaints of all of time. Every complaint is here and you can come back and see where problems were created for your information or for analysis and recognize where or who makes problems often.

For each complaint enter these important data

  • Registration number of complaint.
  • Name of the complaint.
  • Status - (rejected, accepted, rejected no trouble found).
  • Cell (on what line was issue).
  • Cost (price of order).
  • Description of the complaint (where is issue of order).

Action Plan (List of Tasks to do)

Beauty of the Quality module lies in this section. For every complaint Quality manager is able to make task for anybody in factory. In practice it works simply. Quality manager gets complaint from BMW - 1000 pieces are unusable. Quality manager has option to create task for somebody to find out of problem and then solve it. Easy and simple.

To make Action Plan enter these data

  • Given task by (name of Quality Manager)
  • Preventive action (For example - Revision tools, analysis of state - Causes)
  • Who will be responsible person (For example - John Josh)
  • Status of action plan in %
  • Implemented corrective action For example - 11.24 - will be done by an external company 19.1 - scheduled for late January 2.2 - Check)

Layered Audits

Layered Audits is brand new online application which runs on the newest Android version and also it has space in our quality module with you can make reports and so many analysis. It is used to for check individual workplaces (cleanliness, safety etc..) by bunch of your questions as “Is everything clean?”.

  • Layered Audits is Android application connected with Quality module.
  • In Quality module we assign Layer Audit plan for any date wha we want/need and then Layer Audit plan is loaded into an Android App.
  • In Android App you could assign Action Plan for each one question with responsible person.
  • There are three layers of auditors. So you can have different questions for each layer.

For more information about Layered Audits Android App click here.