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Layered Audits

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Layered Audits Android Application

Layered Audits is our brand new Android Application which is developed for checking any workplace in your factory, warehouse or office. Each user (Quality manager) can create his/her own categories of questions as of safety, cleanness, separation etc… and questions which fit categories as well. For every question you are able to choose how many points you want to give. Points are counted during audit and after audit. You can see accurately percentage of the audit. Obviously, we offer our standard pack of questions, but our system allows you to edit, remove or add new question or category this function also allows you to reach that best results of auditing your workplaces.

Example of reports of Layered Audits in customer's factory:

Audit Plan

To create a new Layered Audit plan, we have to use the Quality module.

Simple calendar

In the Quality module is located one large simple calendar which is used to mark days as Layered Audit plan. We can choose from three colors, where each one color represents one layer of auditors. We separated auditors into three layers because it allows you to make different questions for each category and for each auditor. Fast, easy and simple as whole IMESystems.

How to complete Layered Audit?

After created Layered Audit plan in the Quality module, we easily pick up Android tablet with installed Layered Audit Android application. In the first window of the app, we choose our Layered Audit plan what we already planned for this date.

  • In the detail of the audit enter the name of the auditor and in case any note.
  • Then we can enter interested people of audit - people which are as a helper to the auditor.

Finish Layered Audit

Finish it!

In past was everything useless complicated slow and takes a lot of time. Our company wants to make your job easy, fast and clear as possible. In past and maybe due today the most of Quality managers have been working with papers and in case of neediness to take a picture with the camera or their personal cell phone. To create Layered Audit is easy with our help. After you are in Layered Audit and you are filling questions with points, everything is online, everything is fast. In case you need to take the picture you can - and you can take three pictures for each question. What’s more? For each question, you can create an Action Plan (Task to do) for anyone as a responsible person. Your Audit will be finished in few couple minutes. How it is mentioned above, everything is online, so in any case of dead battery or broken tablet your data are in save and you will never lose them! If someone has poor knowledge of questions you also can assign instructions as for example images or just text and this function you can do for each question! With this tool your rivals are going to be jealous!

Screens of Layered Audits android app

Layered Audits Report Czech Language

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Layered Audits Report Spanish Language

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Layered Audits Report Chinese Language

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